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"We Are The Voice Of The Independent"

Write "On The Wall" Promo

There is a package available to meet your monthly need.

Why AMMedia-Online? 

Because we are licensed.  We help you get your project heard, while paying the fees for your performance and song writing royalties. 

How can we do that? 

Because we have a heart for the independent, we really do understand that creativity is vital. You need exposure for your music, and we are here for that.

So Let's answer some of your questions.

How can I get "On the Wallâ„¢?"

Getting on the wall is relatively easy. Submit your project, if it is radio ready, and you make it through the screening process you will be included on our play list. That is the first step, now you are "On the Wallâ„¢!"

Now that I'm on the wall, what's next? 

If one of our spotlight DJ's likes your music they can opt to feature you on their show. 

Great! Now where do I go from here? 

Promote yourself and your project on the wall.


Purchase a monthly promo package.

We have a heart for the independent artist, so we have provided package promotions that you can pay for with no problem.

Production Services

One Stop Shop!


With the 21st Century and its innovation come a plethora of unlimited opportunities to more your product to a previously unthinkable number of households in a virtually untapped market. 

AMMedia-Online has a world-wide focus!

We will:

  • Update your branding concept
  • Increase your audience
  • Promote your business
  • Expose your concept
  • Run your video


Our overall brand is one of assisting and moving forward those with a voice to speak to a world wide culture. We want to help you get your message out. If you have a message that the world needs to hear, we have been looking for you. 

Let Us Produce Your:

  • Public Service Announcement 3 min max
  • Radio Drop 20 Sec. max
  • Promo Production + promo hook up we will match your stand along promo to a show looking for a sponsor.

Commercial Production Package Includes:

  • Script Writing
  • Voice Overs
  • 2 Formats (One with music and one without so that you can use your commercial anywhere)
  • Print or display Ad design
  • 2 Brand Tags (light and dark background for versatility)

You will be shocked when you see our rates.

Your Ad will also may be added to our print and digital magazines. Some of the new artists featured on AMMedia-Online are presented in the corresponding print and digital magazines for the genre. Interviews, photos, tour or upcoming events are spotlighted... And your ad will be promidently displayed for additional exposure.

Submit your info on the appropriate payment tab

1st Go to the Station Tab you want: ON AIR for Pop, Jazz, etc. OR Joy Comes Gospel:

Select the Production Tab to pay for producing your commercial, promo, show, artwork.

Select the Air Time tab for air time, display ad placement, and magazine ad placement payments.

Select Wall to Write on the Wall Promo.

You will be sent to PayPal for your payment processing. NOTE: Some selections may require more than one payment as segments are computed independently of each other.  

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